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Royal Oak Farmer’s Market Wedding. Royal Oak, Michigan wedding photography at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market provided by Kari Dawson and her team. Top rated Metro Detroit documentary wedding photographer.

If you are ever looking for a unique yet cozy hotel, Hotel Royal Oak is a great option. James and Audra chose a unique venue, the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market, for their ceremony and reception and the Hotel Royal Oak proved to be a great option for getting their day started. The rooms were bright and neutral with a retro vibe that I fell in love with. Audra’s wedding dress was a classic style but in a unique tone. Uh, and it had pockets. Nuff said. Her rich wine colored pointed toe wedding day heels were to die for. The ladies wore full length wine colored bridesmaid dresses. The GUYS were looking sleek in their navy tuxedos and their long neckties were a deep red along with their pocket squares. The boutonnieres were finished in a silk ribbon instead of the standard green floral tape and really set them apart.

When we all entered the Royal Oak Farmers Market it smelled so amazing. All the tables were draped in cream linen with a runner of lush evergreens running down the center of each table. The napkins provided just the right pop of color while the candlelight provided the perfect amount of ambiance. Their ceremony was draped in white fabric. The front of the aisle was strung with twinkle lights and clear ornaments. Spotlights were added to shine at the top of the aisle which really added so much depth and interest. Twinkle lights and white lanterns hung from the ceiling. Those lights and candles served as the only source of light for the ceremony and reception. It made the large space feel much more intimate and inviting. And wait until you see their donut bar! And their naked cake which had a custom cake topper. It’s my favorite cake topper ever. Holiday Market, per usual, created the perfect cake to showcase it.

James and Audra’s wedding party was a little larger than a lot of weddings but we had so much fun taking advantage of their energy and all their personalities. I loved all the personal touches that Audra and James chose to incorporate into their wedding day. Their ceremony was performed by a close friend, for instance. Instead of a sand ceremony or unity candle, James and Audra, planted a tree during their ceremony. Lots of goodies were set apart for each of their guests to take home; homemade and jarred hot cocoa and chocolate covered pretzels. As I was ready to leave the party for the evening I caught sight of the dance floor again. Audra, her mom and her bridesmaids were all singing and twirling and held each others hands as they danced in a big circle. James and Audra are blessed to have each other and their lives are rich with family and close friends as well. James and Audra, I truly enjoyed every second of your wedding day, even the frigid temperature, and all of the getting to know you leading up to it. Thank you for inviting me in and allowing me to capture your memories! Happy honeymooning!!! – Hugs, Kari

Special thank you to my second photographer, Elle Ticula for creating magic with me all season long! It’s almost a wrap…

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