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Waterview Loft at Port Detroit Fall Wedding. Grosse Pointe and Detroit, Michigan wedding photography at St Paul on the Lake Catholic Church, the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, and Waterview Loft at Port Detroit provided by Kari Dawson and her team.



When I arrived Saturday morning for Danielle and Ryan’s wedding, Danielle jumped up from her chair, where her hair was being done, with a big hug and warm welcome. Her father let me in and I could quickly see where Danielle inherited her witty and funny personality. Danielle’s father is warm and kind as is her mother, grandmother and everyone she surrounds herself with. Danielle’s grandmother greeted Faith and I both with a squeeze and kiss on the cheek. Everyone truly made Faith, Elle and I feel like family all day.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle while I photographed Danielle’s details and the bridesmaids all got dressed. Ryan and Danielle had four adorable children in the wedding party. The cutest and shyest little boy was their ring bearer. Three lovely little girls were their flower girls. Once all the bridesmaids were dressed everyone got the little ones into their fun dresses next. Ryan and Danielle’s style and details were simple, elegant, and classic which allowed the beauty of their venues to really shine along with the personalities of their family and wedding party.


St Paul on the Lake Catholic Church is one of the prettiest I have had the pleasure to shoot in. As Danielle made her way down the aisle with her hand hooked through her father’s elbow, I could see that Ryan wasn’t the only one beaming. Ryan’s parents looked on wearing big smiles right along with Danielle’s mom and grandmother. The pair of them standing together and smiling as Danielle approached was a heart exploding moment. Soon, Danielle and Ryan’s mom would give way to tears. And I think everyone may have cried when the acapella group that Danielle performs with sang from the balcony. Danielle looked up with a smile, the ladies in the balcony sang with tears in their eyes and Danielle held her hand over her heart for a moment. Personal touches often prove to be the most endearing decisions.



Before we got to the party, Danielle and Ryan along with their wedding party pulled into the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe for portraits. What an amazing late afternoon we had! The air was 70 degrees in November! We had lots of sunshine and the leaves were full of peek the color of fall. Another endearing personal touch is that Ryan and Danielle were engaged near the doll house at the Henry Ford Estate. We wrapped up their portraits near the doll house itself before heading off to Detroit. We arrived at the Waterview Loft at Port Detroit just as the sun was setting into a stunning orange ball. Their portraits on the riverwalk are stunning with the sun setting behind them along with the Ambassador Bridge. The Waterview Loft offers one of the best views of Detroit and the river as far as venues are concerned.


Danielle’s father gave the first toast and had everyone laughing and a few shedding tears. I have been married for 21 years. I pray that on the wedding days of our children that I look as adoringly at my husband as Danielle’s mother did at her husband. The two best men and maid of honor followed. The men kept everyone laughing and so did Abby but there were a few sentimental moments also. Abby told the room, in her speech, that she feels as though she is a better person just for having known Danielle. And after reconnecting with Danielle a few days after the wedding I had to tell her I agree with Abby.

Ryan and Danielle are soul mates. They are both fun and witty and definitely not too serious. They felt so much joy on their wedding day and celebrated with every fiber of their being. I have never witnessed another couple be so intentionally present and determined to make every moment matter. And watching Danielle dance like there was no one else in the room was so inspiring. Few things in life create genuine happiness and contentment. Dancing is one of them. Danielle and Ryan I loved every second of your wedding day, even the comic convention ;). I hope you never let yourselves get too serious. That you always looks at each other the way you did on your wedding day. And if all else fails, find the joy in dancing like no one is watching. I adore you both! Hugs!

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Wedding Day Vendors

Ceremony: St Paul on the Lake
Reception: Waterview Loft at Port Detroit
Videographer: Joseph F Bauer Studios
Florist: Emerald City Design
Cake Artist: Sweet Heather Anne
Band/DJ: Pro DJ Services
Bridesmaid Dresses: Amour Bridal (Designer Alfred Angelo)
Tuxedos: Jos A Bank (Designer Vera Wang)
Second Photographer: Elle Ticula

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